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The concept “Human is the most valuable asset of the enterprise”, NIC is faithful to the mission of “Improving Human Resource for enterprises” in all activities

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Why NIC Human Resources?

NIC Human Resource Consulting JS. Company is one of the leading companies in Vietnam operating in the field of consulting and providing human resource solutions. Established in 2002, NIC has been well-known as the image of a professional and experienced service provider in this human service sector.

Company Mission

With the concept “Human is the most valuable asset of the enterprise”, NIC is faithful to the mission of “Improving Human Resource for enterprises” in all activities.

Core values

We define core values of NIC brand-name as:

    . The professional service with international quality for all clients

    . The most advanced technology with value strength

    . The provision of economical solution for enterprises

Quality standard

Quality management system of ISO 9001:2000 is applied for all NIC service-providing processes

In todays rapidly changing business environment, the efficient and effective organization wins, and that means having people who fit your needs perfectly, when you need them. As a leading company in Vietnam operating in the field of HR consulting and providing HR outsourcing service, we can help you find, evaluate, hire, and manage your workforce and make sure you have the right people for your upcoming projects, filling the temporary vacancy, meeting seasonal requirements and reducing your workforce during slow periods


- Payroll Management

Outsourcing the payroll management in Vietnam is a sensible option for companies seeking to save the costs and enhance its confidentiality associated with monthly payroll job for their own employees. We will take over repetitive task from your HR staff thus they can now have more time to focus on core business functions. 

With the rapidly changing business environment and a complicated administration procedures system in Vietnam especially in the labor environment, most of foreigner companies facing a lot of difficulties to deal with this issue, so using payroll service in Vietnam is one of a smart choice.

- Temporary Staffing

Whether you need to hire a  staff  or hundreds, blue-collars or technical staffs,  we can customize a staffing plan to meet your demand of supplemental staff for short or long-term needs including vacation coverage, sick-time coverage, special assignments or seasonal workloads, projects. This kind of  service can help you to save time as well as recruitment expenses, turn a fixed labour cost into a variable one as to be aligned with your production plan at anytime.

- Executive Search

As for high-ranking managerial position that plays key roles in the Company, it is extremly hard for all employers to recruit the right person and in the right time, especially in the rough competitive environment nowadays. Possessing a huge database of potential candidates and extensive referral network, including desirable candidates who are not actively seeking employment, our professional and experienced team of consultants will help you to source, recruit, interview, test, check backgrounds, make referrals and to make sure you have the talents to fit not only in your job description but also in your environment as an individual.

- Representative Office Establishment Support

Opening a Rep Office in Vietnam is a complicated procedure and often time-consuming for those who are not familiar with it. Authorities always require the dossier in full and comprehensive with every details matching with each other. All foreign originated documents shall be translated into Vietnamese and notarized by respective Vietnam consular office. After getting the license, you have to register chop with the police and tax code with the tax office which also takes time before you can actually put the Rep. Office into operation. It may take you a lot of time and effort to complete all of these tasks by yourself- So troublesome, isn’t it?

With experienced staff, NICGROUP can provide you with our professional service to support you in setting up stage and put your Representative office into operation in a shortest time and headache- free commitment. 

- Expartriates compliance service

Expatriates working in Vietnam for more than 3 months are required to obtain a work permit which has validity of maximum 36 months.  Vietnamese government has been making great effort to make the application procedure transparent by issuing many paper prescribing, guiding and adjusting the regulation, yet, most of expatriates or their employers still find themselves at the mess of many required document and multi-steps needed to follow. And, although the prescribed time to get the work permit is within 15 days after fulfilling the entire document appropriately, the actual time is often much longer than that. 

That’s why there are more and more expatriates and expatriate employers come to service supplier like NIC to transfer the administration burden to us, so that they could concentrate on their core business. With NIC, they will enjoy a full package service covering from applying for visa to Vietnam, applying for work permit, opening bank account to registering PIT code as well as many other support. 

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